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The Spaceship at the End of the Universe


sector B by SalvDivin

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How the Crab Nebula’s Pulsing Heart Stayed Hidden for Centuries

Ancient astronomers chronicled the shifting heavens, diligently charting the movements of our star-studded canopy. The moon’s face morphed nightly, our planetary neighbors came and went, and occasionally a brilliant, icy vagrant would sweep by.

But the stars? Those stayed pretty much in the same place, relative to one another. So when new, starry points of light briefly appeared and then faded away, Earth’s sky gazers noticed.

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UNTHOUGHT by blacklabelwood



one more time // daft punk



Daft Punk - Voyager



Once Arcturus removed his helmet, Elsie simply tipped her head to the side. It seemed that movie was far from what she had expected. He honestly looked just about as human as her—only bigger, of course.

"Well you definitely don’t have three eyes or tentacles," the child smiled, "You almost look taller than Mr. Brooklyn but—" her held farther to the side,"—I’d say you’re the same height. Oh!" He said he wouldn’t be able to speak with her without his helmet. "Can you not understand me either without your-," she pointed at the helmet, "Or—" Oh dear she was flustered.


Arcturus pointed to his throat and shook his head before pointing to his ear with a nod. He trusted that she understood which question that he was answering to. A smile played on his lips, he loved how she was so enthusiastic about everything she talked about.

He cleared his throat.

"<I’ve never met your> Mister Brooklyn. <What is he like, my little childling friend?>

Arcturus’s voice was soft but deep. When he spoke it sounded like a compilation of two-toned growls set apart by his attempt at saying Thomas’s name.