The strange voice pulls the lieutenant from his lulled thoughts. Asari women were a hard thing not to watch when they were dancing.

Dark eyes look over to the stranger, looking him over. Just to check if they’d run into each other before.


"Damn right. Who’s asking? Shepard know you?"

He doesn’t much care for the dancers. If anyone knew any better they were just a little older than children in Asari years; not that this mattered anyway. No one’s his type.

"Doubt it," the Gliesian chuckled lightly. "But everyone knows Shepard. My… co-workers and I are surprised your crew get lots of time on shore leave, you know, considering all the fuss with the Reapers."

He’s pleased with the translation this time around. The new translator was much more accurate and didn’t make him sound formal like the ones he bought back in his system. Arcturus signaled the bartender over, reveling in the freedom of not wearing his helmet.


"Pardon," and he does mean that politely though his original non-translated words would seem more aggressive. He hopes that he’d be heard over the sound of the music in this Asari-run establishment.

"Might you be part of Commander Shepard’s crew?"





HELP ME I’m laughing so hard at thesE (posted by cylee77 on tdc)

These are outtakes from the Rock & Folk shoot! I had been wondering what happened to the chess set photos…

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